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Who We Are
Founded in 2005, Shinca Group is a family-owned company
that oversees and manages a number of businesses,
such as entertainment, technology and consulting.


About Shinca

What We do
Entertaining people with stories worth telling Our Businesses
There are millions of great stories that deserve to be shared to the world. All of us grew up knowing good stories that were shared by grandparents, parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, neighbors, or through movies, television programs, comics, music, books or social media. Shinca Entertainment shares those wonderful stories with our audience through movies, shows, comics, music, animation, video games and entertaining public events.
Our Businesses

Improving quality of life using innovative technology Our Businesses
Technology, like humanity, is constantly evolving. Rapidly changing technology has improved and impacted many aspects of a business and people's quality of life. Innovations in technology have improved business operations at companies of all sizes and particularly supported small business' growth into a larger market. Shinca Industries provides visionary, innovative and creative emerging technology to help improve business productivity.
Our Businesses

Sustaining success connecting international businesses Our Businesses
We are always passionate and grateful for what we do with our domestic and international clients. We do is to try to carefully feel, listen, learn and understand our client’s visions, needs and goals. We then develop insights, brief our teams, then set out to foster a balanced and more effective business environment. Shinca Enterprise advises within both the private and public sectors throughout the world. Shinca's clients are international leading corporations in many industries, including entertainment & media, technology, shopping mall, federal, state & local government, manufacturing & retail.


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