Dear Our Amazing Visitors;

My name is Morgan Fisher, a superhero character created by a Shinca Group family in 2009. I appear in our proud comic book titled The Dreamhoppers. I'm very happy to be part of Shinca Group and see you interested in visiting our site!

On behalf of Shinca Group, please allow me introduce you about us. Founded in 2005, Shinca Group is an American company that oversees a number of different businesses, including Shinca Entertainment, an entertainment producer, and Shinca Enterprise, an international consulting firm.

Our company name "Shinca" consists of the first names of our founders "Shin" and "Carolina". The name happens to mean "Evolution" in Japanese.

Anyway, please feel free to check out our site and contact us if you have any questions!

Sincerely Yours,

Morgan F.
The Dreamhoppers